Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vintage Faux Fur Coats

Joe Browns Vintage Faux Fur Coat

Fur is one of the most loved forms of clothing in the world. Before modern materials were used, individuals would hunt animals and use their fur and meat for survival. Of course, furs are still used in extremely cold areas, but they are more of a fashion statement these days than a necessity. Still, vintage faux furs from the early and mid-1900s can be found and purchased for the right price.

Once you have purchased a vintage faux fur coat, keep it away from sunlight when storing it. Get it regularly cared for and cleaned by an expert. This will extend the life of the coat even further. Never use a plastic bag or garment bag. Just let it hang in your closet on a durable and strong hanger. The hanger should mimic your shoulders as closely as possible.

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